Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu

Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu:  The Most Awarded Colombian Short Film Of The Moment On The Planet

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"Gidi Gidi Gi" is a thriller about bank robberies in which Iye Teblu appears alongside Colombian actors Alejandro Buenaventura, Susana Rojas and Oscar Rodríguez. It is an amazing and exciting high-level short film that explores the true bonds of friendship.
Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu


  1. Los Angeles Festivals
  2. Rome International Movie Awards
  3. Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles (Two Awards)
  4. South Films and Arts Academy Festival
  5. Korea International Film Festival
  6. Five Continents International Film Festival
  7. The Grand Cine Carnival Maldives
  8. Madras Independent Film Festival
  9. Kiez Berlin Film Festival
  10. Cinema Paris Film Festival Best Short Film
  11. Cinema Paris Film Festival (Best Director)
  12. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Best Short Film)
  13. Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Science Fiction)
  14. Shunyatam International Film Festival
  15. International Media Arts Film Awards
  16. Hottomela International Film Festival
  17. Cannes World Film Festival
  18. Out Of The Can International Film Festival
  19. Cannes World Film Festival: Best Director, Best Fantasy Film, Best Sci-Fi, Best Experimental (Four Awards)


  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival
  • Playback International Film Festival, Manchester, UK
  • HIFF - HALO International Film Festival


  • Hollywood Blood Horror Festival


  • Sweden Film Awards
  • Top Shorts


  • Swedish International Film Festival
  • TIFA - Tiete International Film Festival Shorted
  • HIFF - HALO International Film Festival


  • AIFF Alternative Film Festival


  • Los Angeles Film Awards - Quarterfinalist
  • Crown Wood International Film Festival
  • Dubai Film Festival
  • Film Boxe International Monthly Festival
  • American Golden Picture International Film Festival
  • Best International Film Festival
  • Cinematography & Photography Awards

Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu
There was a generation of artists in Cali that coincided with the bloodiest era of drug trafficking in Colombia. Shouting "The country is collapsing and we are partying," a group of filmmakers, writers, photographers and designers created the Caliwood movement during the 70s and 80s. 

Today Iye Teblu is the last link in all that cinematographic fever born in Cali and that revolutionized the seventh art in Colombia. He is now writing the history of national cinema with "Gidi Gidi Gi." 
As director Iye Teblu has taken home recognition in Berlin, Cannes and Paris. It is a resounding success that has rarely been seen in recent years for a national short film.
Iye Teblu is an experimental artist that in writing, directing, and acting does it from pure sensitivity. He has no film education but his life is a movie.
Gidi Gidi Gi by Iye Teblu